The property market is something that, at present, is very much in favor of those who are looking to buy. There are a lot of different homes out there which, normally, would come with a very high price tag. Customers who are looking to get top class offers will be surprised at what they can find these days. The economy has not been kind to anyone, and it is interesting to note that there are a number of homes which may be feasible to buy. What is also interesting to note is that many of these homes are indeed the most expensive ones on the market at the moment.

Take, for example, the house currently owned by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Located in Toluca Lake, California, this home was bought for 5.5 million. Undoubtedly this is a top class property, and was an expensive buy in the beginning. The house, however, is now up for sale for a much smaller 2.89 million. For many people, this drop is their chance to get their hands on some prime real estate. It is also interesting to take a look across the board and see what other celebrities are offering. You will be surprised at some of the luxury homes for sale which are basically a steal for anyone who even has half of the original price.

jef-holm-estate expesive celebrity homesFormer “Bachelorette” Jef Holm is also selling his home. This is a particularly large property that also includes a large swimming pool. The property itself is going for 3.39 and is located in Saint George, Utah. This luxury home also has a golf course and a tennis court. Much more expensive than Hewitt’s house, but certainly something worth taking a look at if you happen to have the cash handy.

Jeana Keogh of “Real Housewives of Orange County” is selling her home for 3.5 million. This is a huge place, however. Over eight thousand square feet, the home itself includes a large family room. Included is also an entire basketball court and a barbecue area. This home can be found in a gated community in Coto de Caza, a very prestigious area within the region of Orange County.

Celebrity properties, even during these times, are still going to fetch a high price. If you do happen to be in the price range, you will be surprised at what you can find for a relatively cheap price. Of course, getting a property is going to be about more than just the property itself. You will need to see if you like the area. Certainly, celebrities may find these to be good places to invest in. Ultimately, you need to ensure that this is really the choice you’re going for.

This post is written by Bernadine Calahan