I’ve been thinking of posting Tron Legacy obviously being the latest film that is game-related that I watched but decided on one of my favorite Finaly Fantasy films. It follows the story of Cloud and Tifa, two characters from the Square Enix (then only known as Square) game released for Playstation in 1997.

Since I know the game story it was easy to understand from the beginning where the story left off, it may be different for those who haven’t played the game.

The city of Midgar, where the game also took place, is stricken with a sickness called geostigma. It is caused by the life stream of the planet, which in the game means the planet’s life force. A trio of villains—Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz— said to be remnants of Sephiroth, have appeared wanting to gather Jenova’s cells to restore Cloud Strife’s former nemesis to life. Cloud, who has been living in seclusion for two years as a delivery boy and working with Tifa Lockhart, returns to Midgar to solve the mystery of geostigma and do whatever it takes to prevent Sephiroth from coming back and destroying the planet.

Music, cinematography, animation, action wise,  the film was done so well. Polished rendering of details and environment, great character designs and smooth fight sequences were to watch out for. And yes, I like Cloud. I remember listing him as one of the top 5 characters I’d love to meet if they were real. 🙂