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Profile of Tierney Gearon

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Born in Georgia in 1963, Tierney Gearon began a modelling career when she was spotted by a European-based model agency. At the time, she was studying ballet in the state of Utah; however, soon afterwards, she was modelling and travelling around the globe. Not so surprisingly, it was through her modelling career that she first became interested in the world of photography. In fact, she took photos of her fellow models with a Polaroid camera. After viewing a scrapbook full of these photos, an agent in Paris encouraged her to continue on this career path.



Plate 5 by Gearon

Early Photography Career

Gearon became a fashion photographer and created photographs for magazines and even the Times Square billboards. During her time as a fashion photographer, she also met and married her husband and had two children.

Unfortunately, this marriage did not last and proved to be an emotionally trying time for Gearon – as it is for most other people who have ever been through a divorce.

“I am Camera” Exhibition

Gearon began a personal photography project that also coincidently launched her career as an artist. This highly personal project showcased her own personal life journey at this point in time. Some of these Technicolor images showcased various members of her family – including her children – doing everyday activities that included watching television, going skiing, spending time at the beach, etc. However, despite these seemingly ordinary activities, there was also edginess to the photos as well. The photos amazingly appear to be both distant and personal at the same time.

Reaction to “I am Camera”

In the spring of 2001, Tierney Gearon showed her “I Am a Camera” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England. Here, her work opened to favorable reviews; however, some of her photos also did prove to be controversial and the police did visit the Saatchi Gallery on two different occasions. However, Gearon adamantly and publicly defended her work.

“The Mother Project” Exhibit

In 2006, she released her second major exhibit called “The Mother Project”. A documentary and book about this exhibit called “Daddy, where are you?” was also published later that same year. This documentary was featured at a variety of film festivals including “The Tribeca Film Festival”.

“Explosure” Exhibit

In 2009, she released her next body of work entitled “Explosure”. This exhibit continued her investigation of both family and the home. However, Gearon used double-exposure to portray her message via engaging and surreal images. More specifically, these photos depicted different elements that were taken in different places at different times.

Gearon has also exhibited at a wide variety of prestigious art galleries and throughout the world including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Phillips de Pury & Company, The Parrish Art Museum, and much more.

Of her work, Gearon has stated: “it’s about hope and bringing two contrasting things together; “My work is like a diary. I do it for my soul.”

*Larisa Redins is the author of this article. 

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Star Wars Episode VII’s New Director

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After much speculation, Walt Disney finally revealed J.J. Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII set to be released in 2015. Less than half a year after acquiring Lucasfilm for $4.05 million, Disney is getting busy to bring three new sequels.

Talented Abrams directed Star Trek (2009), Mission Impossible 3 (2006), Lost (2004-2010) and the still ongoing Revolution. Former Lucasfilm owner and Star Wars director George Lucas, 68, gave his approval about Abrams on, saying the director was “an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn’t be in better hands”.

JJ Abrams, star wars episode VII

Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm president and the movie’s producer said in a statement: “Beyond having such great instincts as a filmmaker, he has an intuitive understanding of this franchise. He understands the essence of the Star Wars experience.”

The movie will have a script from “Toy Story 3” writer Michael Arndt. Others who worked in previous trilogies will work as consultant – so let’s expect a really awesome one?

Abrams, who confessed he likes Star Wars more than Star Trek, says it is an “absolute honor” to have gotten the job. “I may be even more grateful to George Lucas now than I was as a kid,” Abrams added.


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Top Celebrity Metaporphoses

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Among the wonderful transformations in the animal world is that of a butterfly.

It starts with being an egg, then grows up to become a larva (caterpillar); then once it reaches its full growth, it becomes a larva (chrysalis) where it becomes covered in a silky material called cocoon. Finally, after a few weeks, it emerges from its deep slumber as a stunning creature with wings for flight.

This process is what people in the world of Science call metamorphosis. And far from being an exclusive term for butterflies, metamorphosis can likewise be used to describe some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars.

Here, we list down some of Hollywood A-list celebrities who shown a great deal of fashion sense to emerge as a fashion powerhouse many look up to. Here are they:

Angelina Jolie. Who would’ve thought that Jon Voight’s once unfashionable daughter would go on to endorse some of the world’s best fashion brands, including St. John and Louis Vuitton? The great thing about Angie is that she’s not just wife to another Hollywood biggie, Brad Pitt—she’s also into humanitarian cause, being a United Nation Goodwill Ambassador.

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston. Aside from being a daughter to a Hollywood actor (Jen’s father is John Aniston), Jen is also the former wife of Brad Pitt—who happens to be the current beau of our number 1 entry. But, similarities aside, Jen has come a long way from being a dark-haired, slightly successful actress to being today’s well-loved blonde Hollywood sweetie.

Jennifer Aniston

Nicole Richie. Another huge transformation was that of Richie’s, daughter to music icon Lionel Richie. Once a very troubled young actress, Nicole is now a successful mompreneur, hosts a reality fashion contest, owns a clothing line, and is a certified fashion rockstar.

Nicole Richie

Lady Gaga. Perhaps one of the biggest transformation stories is that of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply, Lady Gaga. From her start as a Catholic-educated, classical music-trained young lass, Lady Gaga made a complete transformation. Gaga is now an acknowledged fashion trendsetter with mostly shocking and rather eccentric wardrobe collection that both shock and awe even the most hard-core fashion gurus.

Lady Gaga

Rihanna. Troubled love life aside, Barbados native Rihanna is one extraordinary butterfly. She did a 360-degree transformation from being a cutie-type singer into an edgy, more fashion-savvy musical entertainer. Her gamble paid off because she saw her fame skyrocketed worldwide and her album sales had since then made a killing.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

Beverly Houston has been writing various articles, maintaining her own blog and writing guest posts for like and other various sites. She is madly in love with fashion, health and wellness, beauty, and the latest entertainment news.   

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5 Famous Casino Themed Movies

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When you think of Las Vegas, you think of Caesar’s Palace, showgirls and casinos. Millions of tourists flock to Las Vegas every year to try their hand at a game of chance, but not everyone can afford to go to Las Vegas.

That’s where Hollywood steps in. The movie makers have used casinos as a backdrop for movies for a very long time, from movies about Mob bosses to gamblers to those just on vacation and looking at a good time. Here are five famous casino movies to watch:


National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation


This installment of the Griswald family takes us to Las Vegas, where Clark (Chevy Chase) intends to renew his vows to his wife, Ellen (Beverly DeAngelo), with their two teenaged children in tow. What happens is a variety of misadventures, mishaps and mayhem, both in and out of casinos, that make Clark remember what he loves most of all – his family.




Martin Scorsese hits it out of the ballpark with this movie about deceit, lying, cheating, gambling and love. The film showcases what Mob families did in Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as a love story surrounded by drugs and violence.

ocean's 11 top 5 casino movies

Ocean’s 11


In this remake of the classic Sinatra film, George Clooney reprises Ole Blue Eyes’s role in an all star cast that includes Julia Roberts, Andy Garcia, Brad Pitt, Bernie Mac and Elliot Gould, one lady among many thieves. While the thieves’ goal is to rob three casinos at the same time, the lady’s goal is to stay away from her ex-husband – one of the thieves.

Ocean’s 13


George Clooney and the Ocean’s gang reprise their roles from the previous two Oceans movies, except for Julia Roberts, in this movie about revenge. This time, one of the “team” has been wronged, very wronged, by a shady businessman building a casino hotel on the strip. Danny Ocean (Clooney) and his friends are determined to bring the new casino hotel down and will stop at nothing to do it.




This movie is based on a true story about an MIT graduate who wants to pursue his education even further. The problem? That education will cost at least $300,000 money he doesn’t have. He finds a way to make the required income, however, when he joins a secret group of people who regularly go to Las Vegas and use card counting tricks and other illegal forms of winning to rake in the chips, but winning may come at too high of a price.

These five movies are just a small selection of many movies set in casinos. If you can’t afford to go to Las Vegas yourself, watch a film based in a Las Vegas casino and you can be instantly transported without even leaving your house!


Richard is a Film and TV Writer from Sydney, Australia. He says that these five movies are among the most famous casino themed movies of all time and recommends them to everyone. Richard likes to play various casino games, but instead of risking his money, Richard likes to play freeslots online.


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