Tuesday was fun day with the kids. Since there’s no school for 2 weeks, I’ve planned on doing lots of things with them and watching a film of their choice is one. There were only 2 ‘for kids’ film at the Dounazentrum. First on my eldest’s list is Küss den Frosch (Kiss the frog, loose translation for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog). The bigger boy protested and suggested we watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 instead. I had to get the promotional tumbler along with popcorn before actually settling down to watch the film. We were about 5 minutes late!

It’s given, the Chipmunks are cute but their female counterparts, the Chipettes are cuter!  Loaded with silliness, the film actually made my 3 kids laugh! Starting off was the accident that left Dave (Jason Lee) in the hospital…followed by another awkward accident of the three’s supposed nanny (Dave’s aunt) who fell from the stairs while on a wheelchair. Ouch!


The boys then get to stay with Dave’s lazy cousin, Toby (Zachary Levi). The guy seriously lacks some emotion and expression. Well, the boys had to face the problems of a typical kid being in school, cliche but being the famous trio they were a bit above the average student. The school principal herself asked them to represent the school for the Music mania competition but football (wow a chipmunk playing football) gets in the way as Alvin actually needs to play. The trio were left in a disarray and the appearance of their former manager Ian (David Cross) proved chaotic. Ian was mean as ever! He brought another group of chipmunks, the Chipettes, to school to compete too. It was not long for them to realize Ian’s real personality and so escape is inevitable, followed by a chain of painful chases with Ian on the hurtful end :D.

The scene that is most popular, perhaps to other viewers as well, was when Alvin played bowling and the nunchuk hit Dave’s flatscreen TV. All he could mutter up was “Well, it looks like it’s now time to play my next favorite game, hide the broken TV from Dave, you wanna play?” I had to tell the little boy he shouldn’t imitate this because he keeps telling the dad about it.

The extra bonus, which surprised me for not reading about the movie earlier, was Charice’s Pempengco’s appearance. She sang No One during the school competition.

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