play Quigon or Obiwan if you must…

One of the best, if not THE BEST, sci-fi movies of all time is Star Wars. Ask anyone, even someone who’s not a keen moviegoer, and he will tell you that Star Wars is simply A-grade. This is probably one of the reasons why it’s a popular party theme for young and old alike.

In fact, many people don’t even wait for special occasions to party with a Star Wars theme. I know some people who make up their own events to give them valid reasons to plan a party.

If you have young children who have yet to watch all the movies in the series, it might be a good idea to introduce them to Star Wars by planning several movie nights where they can enjoy each movie in the series. Invite some friends over and watch all the Star Wars movies complete with costumes, props, and Star Wars-inspired food.

glow sticks light saber

You can easily buy imitation light sabers in stores that sell party supplies. However, you can make it more exciting for kids by providing them glow sticks that they can play with. Let them pretend that the sticks are their light sabers. You could even attach the glow sticks to the costumes so that when you turn off the lights, all you would see are the outlines created by the sticks.

You can find everything you need for a Star Wars-themed party in party supplies stores. They can provide you with all the miscellaneous items needed, from paper cups to party trinkets.

Remember, your kids can enjoy their childhood only once in their lifetime, so make it count.