Among the wonderful transformations in the animal world is that of a butterfly.

It starts with being an egg, then grows up to become a larva (caterpillar); then once it reaches its full growth, it becomes a larva (chrysalis) where it becomes covered in a silky material called cocoon. Finally, after a few weeks, it emerges from its deep slumber as a stunning creature with wings for flight.

This process is what people in the world of Science call metamorphosis. And far from being an exclusive term for butterflies, metamorphosis can likewise be used to describe some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars.

Here, we list down some of Hollywood A-list celebrities who shown a great deal of fashion sense to emerge as a fashion powerhouse many look up to. Here are they:

Angelina Jolie. Who would’ve thought that Jon Voight’s once unfashionable daughter would go on to endorse some of the world’s best fashion brands, including St. John and Louis Vuitton? The great thing about Angie is that she’s not just wife to another Hollywood biggie, Brad Pitt—she’s also into humanitarian cause, being a United Nation Goodwill Ambassador.

Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston. Aside from being a daughter to a Hollywood actor (Jen’s father is John Aniston), Jen is also the former wife of Brad Pitt—who happens to be the current beau of our number 1 entry. But, similarities aside, Jen has come a long way from being a dark-haired, slightly successful actress to being today’s well-loved blonde Hollywood sweetie.

Jennifer Aniston

Nicole Richie. Another huge transformation was that of Richie’s, daughter to music icon Lionel Richie. Once a very troubled young actress, Nicole is now a successful mompreneur, hosts a reality fashion contest, owns a clothing line, and is a certified fashion rockstar.

Nicole Richie

Lady Gaga. Perhaps one of the biggest transformation stories is that of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or simply, Lady Gaga. From her start as a Catholic-educated, classical music-trained young lass, Lady Gaga made a complete transformation. Gaga is now an acknowledged fashion trendsetter with mostly shocking and rather eccentric wardrobe collection that both shock and awe even the most hard-core fashion gurus.

Lady Gaga

Rihanna. Troubled love life aside, Barbados native Rihanna is one extraordinary butterfly. She did a 360-degree transformation from being a cutie-type singer into an edgy, more fashion-savvy musical entertainer. Her gamble paid off because she saw her fame skyrocketed worldwide and her album sales had since then made a killing.


Image Credit: Wikipedia

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