There are a lot of superhero movies that hit the blockbuster in the recent and not so recent years. There’s one, that though the character isn’t wearing spandex or glossy costume was in a way a superhero – Bruce Willis stars as David Dunn. Dunn is a security guard who has escaped a number of accidents unscathed which makes him wonder why.

The film also stars Samuel Jackson as Elijah Price, he was born with Type I osteogenesis imperfecta, a disease in which bones break easily. Drawing on what he has read in comic books during his many hospital stays, Price theorizes that if he is frail at one extreme, then perhaps there is someone strong at the opposite extreme.

In the film, Dunn, with the help of Price learns how to harness his powers – the ability to  sense crimes perpetrated by strangers who brush past him – in the process he learned Elijah was behind many of the fatal disasters he mentioned throughout the movie, causing hundreds of deaths, the last being David’s train accident where hundreds died and he was the sole survivor. Elijah insists the deaths were justified as a means to find David.

The film was produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan who also said “Good cannot exist without evil and evil cannot exist without good,” describing the film’s use of superhero archetypes.  I disagree of course because God existed even without evil. Evil only came when one creatures desire to be worshipped took on his heart and head and he did everything for that desire to come to fruition.